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HEX Stakes average
40% interest a year.

  • The first Blockchain Certificate of Deposit
  • High interest, no minimum & decentralized design
  • Over 200,000 wallets own HEX so far
  • Richard Heart is making a new ETH fork with lower fees!

What is HEX?

The Future of Investing is Here.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are common investment tools managed by banks. CDs are used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, creating a market valued in the trillions of dollars. HEX has taken the concept of CDs, added significantly higher average interest rates, removed banking fees, and turned it into a decentralized cryptocurrency.

By locking any amount of HEX you choose for a period of time between 1 and 5555 days, you “stake” your deposit and gain interest every single day. The average APY is over 40% while traditional bank CDs average less than 2%.

No central entity, bureaucracy, or overhead, and no bonuses awarded to anyone besides users who stake HEX. As a simple to use, high interest investment tool, HEX makes you the bank.

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HEX is special

HEX is the first Blockchain CD

CDs, known as Certificates of Deposit or Time Deposits, are worth Trillions of dollars. CDs are worth more than gold, credit card companies, and cash.

Highest appreciating asset

Cryptocurrencies are the highest appreciating asset class in the history of mankind. Bitcoin's price did 6,500,000x from $0.01 to $65,000 in 12 years.

HEX removes middlemen

HEX is the first cryptocurrency in the world with a chart of its future locked supply. You can see when big stakes are set to expire in the future and plan around them.

HEX's share price went up 10,287x so far

HEX's share price used to be $0.56 and went up to $5761 so far.

HEX has low inflation

At writing: HEX has a marketcap of $175 Billion and is the #3 biggest cryptocurrency (per Nomics.com, Tradingview, Coinranking and more). Over 300,000 BTC in over 30,000 addresses minted their own HEX using the HEX contract.

HEX pays 40% APY on average

Every day HEX stakers earn interest. HEX stakers make additional interest when people end their stakes earlier or later than they committed to.

Follow these steps

1. Install MetaMask

On a desktop browser install the MetaMask wallet extension from MetaMask.io

2. Buy ETH

You can buy Ether on MetaMask via the Wyre or CoinSwitch buy button

3. Trade ETH for HEX

Visit ETHhexinfotraders.com, connect your MetaMask wallet & trade your ETH for HEX. Always leave some ETH in your wallet to cover gas fees

4. Stake it!

To stake your HEX visit go.hexinfotraders.com, connect your MetaMask wallet and stake HEX!

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hex scam richard heart
hex scam richard heart

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