Cryptocurrency was invented to remove middlemen. Exchanges are middlemen. Billions of dollars have been lost to exchange hacks and failures. is the absolute best option with the most liquidity. It no signup, no counterparty risk and no middlemen. Thousands of tokens like ETH, USDC and USDT can be exchanged for HEX there.

BTC can be traded for HEX with no middlemen: Turn BTC into renBTC (no signup) Then Turn renBTC into HEX.

Understanding Uniswap is a Uniswap front end. The price of HEX there is just the ratio between the ETH and the HEX in the pool there. If someone doubles the ETH in the pool, they get half the HEX that was in it. This would 4x the HEX price. If they 3x the ETH, it 9x's the price. If they 4x the ETH it 16x's the price. if they 10x the ETH it 100x's the price. This works the same in the other direction as well. The price moves as a square.

For example, at writing, if someone traded 4,310 ETH ($2.5M) for HEX on, HEX's price would go up 4x. If put $25M in, the price would go up 100x. It's awesome to know exactly the effect a single order will have on price. In centralized exchanges, hidden orders and spoofing prevent that kind of simple math.

You can see how much HEX and ETH is in the pool at the top of the v2 HEX chart

Understanding HEX's price movements

Because the most liquid market and dominant pair for HEX trading is the ETH/HEX pair on Uniswap, HEX's price movement will be identical to ETH's price movement unless trades are made on the HEX/ETH pair which shift the chart's shape up or down. If other pairs become more relevant then the charts will begin to diverge to reflect that. Learn more about how HEX transparent trading and is different from scams.

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Centralized Exchanges can be risky. HEX encourages trading on DEXs and holding your own keys. Some exchanges turn out to be scams. HEX is not a scam.