Who is the founder of HEX?

Check out the Richard Heart website.

Is HEX a Ponzi?

Ponzi: Promises high returns that it sustains for a while by stealing from the principal of new depositors to pay the returns to older depositors. It fails when it can't meet its obligations. In HEX, interest comes only from inflation which is paid to stakers. This is programmed into the immutable smart contract with no middlemen. In HEX, you mint your own rewards by interacting with the contract.

Is HEX a Pyramid Scheme / MLM?

Pyramid scheme: Has multiple levels. Tends to put many middle men between product and user, and often has weak retail sales and strong sales of its "reseller package."
HEX has no referral program. HEX has no middlemen. In HEX you mint your own rewards, just like Bitcoin miners do.

Is HEX a bubble?

Speculative bubble: People simply decide that something is worth much more, then much less. Watch Is HEX an MLM/Pyramid/Ponzi, and learn what those words really mean.

What about greater fool theory?

The APY of your SP500 or stock ownership does NOT come from it's earnings. For that to be true there would need to be much larger stock buy backs and dividends. It's nearly all from the next guy buying the same stock you did. For the same reasons you did. To one day sell it.

Common Misconceptions

Why do stock price rise? Earnings? Nope. That would require stock buy backs.

Why do banks pay you interest? Because they lend out your money? Nope. Your money is a liability not an asset and they lend out the governments money. Banks don't lend out the money you deposit, they lend out the inflation the government gives them for nearly free with your deposit as an excuse. Your deposit is a liability to them, not an asset. Few understand this.

Why does Bitcoin or Ethereum or HEX go up? People speculating, plus the value of their product market fit.

What if I'm scared to buy HEX?

Fear is good, it's there to protect you. That feeling is what makes the largest opportunities so valuable. This is what being early feels like. You discovering something before everyone else is where the gains come from.

Am I too late for HEX?

People thought Bitcoin was too expensive to buy when it went:
10x from $0.01 to $0.10
10x from $0.10 to $1
10x from $1 to $10
10x from $100 to $1,000
10x from $1,000 to $10,000
Now it's over $40,000.
This story has repeat in many other assets as well. HEX has only done two 10x's so far.
People thought HEX was too expensive to buy when it went:
10x from $0.00006 to $0.0006
10x from $0.0006 to $0.006
10x from $0.006 to $0.06
Now it's over $0.3
Until everyone has a wallet installed, aren't you still early?
People thought Ethereum was too expensive to buy when it went:
10x from $0.15 to $1.5
10x from $1.5 to $15
10x from $15 to $150
10x from $150 to $150
Now it's over $3000

Could I lose money in HEX?

Yes and you're already losing money. Every day the government money printing drives prices higher and higher. Cryptocurrency is the highest appreciating asset class in history and HEX is overperforming. Bitcoin, for instance, has never been down in price for longer than about 3 years. Consider trying something very small to learn about it.

Is HEX too complicated / too hard?

That's part of why the opportunity is so large. When it's easy, the price might be far higher.

Is HEX too risky?

Imagine how risky it was to buy Bitcoin when it was only a year old at a penny. Now it's over $40,000. Everything dips in price. The S&P 500, an index of 500 of the largest companies in the United States dipped 36% in 2020.
On its way to 2,000,000x returns in 7 years the Bitcoin price dipped 94%, 95%, 81%, and 86%, on some exchanges it flash crashed as close to $0 as possible. Amazon dropped 95% once too. Now it's 50% of all Internet sales in the USA.
In its first year, HEX's price has dipped 81%, 73%, 59%, 67%, 87% and then gone on to make new all-time highs. Price dips are often opportunities for the impatient to give their money to the patient. HEX's large price movements up and down are a feature, not a bug. People that buy tops and sell bottoms hand their money to those that buy bottoms and sell tops.

Will people lose their private keys?

You only need to write down 12 words someplace safe. People were even able to do that for thousands of years before computers existed.

What if the internet goes down forever?

Then we've likely had an extinction level event, and you're already too dead to worry about it. The blockchain can operate over other data transmission mediums such as radio, so the Internet isn't actually a hard requirement.

Will the Government make it illegal?

The United States and many other governments have passed laws explaining that the blockchain is legal. Even if that were to change, two of the largest and most powerful Lobbyists are the United States are the Motion Picture Association (MPAA) and the Recording Industry Association of America® (RIAA.) They didn't like people across the entire world stealing every movie and song ever created. They tried to ban BitTorrent. They failed. So too shall blockchains succeed.

What if Quantum computing breaks crypto?

Quantum computers can't do anything powerful against encryption yet. If one day they can, quantum ready cryptography upgrades are already written. Here's a research paper concluding that it's no big deal. https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1711/1711.04235.pdf

HEX isn't real, you can't touch it

You can't touch software either and I bet you're reading this through software. The majority of money in the world for decades now is purely digital. It's a miracle that you can store your life savings in just a 12 word seed phrase. It's a feature, not a bug.

Is HEX backed by anything?

Every single asset's value is only what others are willing to pay for it. Things of value are simply backed by shared belief in that thing's value.

Is Bitcoin a scam?

Multiple Billionaires own hundreds of millions of dollars of Bitcoin. It's up 6.0 million fold in 12 years. Yes, that's 600,000,000%. The government has licensed bitcoin. The largest market in the world trades Bitcoin.

Is Ethereum a scam?

Oh, Ethereum has never had such an inflation bug, and Ethereum has a bug bounty program, and Ethereum has the most developers in crypto, and they're working on the smartest stuff (zksnarks.) And we have 2000 TPS with on-chain security already via zkrollups such as zksync.io, and optimistic rollups option on mainnet launching soon. Security and scalability isn't a dream in ETH, it's the reality and it's now. There's even a zkrollup based exchange, which I will not shill.
Eth is faster, more affordable, more useful, with a better mining ecosystem (you can mine with gpu instead of fund evil corps.) etc etc.
Latency, cost, security (no inflation bugs, bug bounty program, POW change ready, mining ecosystem), throughput, stable coins, DeFi, more friendly fans, 1.5x BTC price performance, L2 scaling, easier on the environment and even more so with ETH2, most of the top 14 marketcap coins launched as or primarily use ERC20, on chain exchanges, interoperability, more affordable to transact, more devs, more aggressive roadmap, no GOX coins dumping, etc.

Is HEX a scam?

Bitcoin and HEX are analagous
Is Bitcoin a Ponzi? HEX is Bitcoin, except pays fees to ETH miners and inflation to time lockers. Bitcoin pays inflation to miners to protect the network security. HEX inflates to pay time lockers to protect the price.
Where are the victims?

Is HEX a cult?

Many rivalries are merely the result of very passionate users. Ford vs Chevy, Apple vs Android, the list goes on and on. People love hexinfotraders.com so much they're getting tattoos, we've seen 6 so far in the wild.

Is HEX an exit scam?

You can't exit scam a totally complete, immutable, decentralized product. HEX is never going away.

Is HEX illegal?

HEX has legal opinion letters from multiple lawyers in multiple countries. Very good, verbose, accurate, useful opinion letters. HEX is nearly the only COMPLETE project in crypto, while everyone else has hopes and dreams of work of others (devs.) “RH is going to jail, thus the project will fail and you’ll lose all your money”
People are caught in a local maxima of thinking securities laws alone stop scams. Theranos, Madoff, Enron were all securities. There are 3 ways to stop scams:
1. Better enforcement of the laws we have (doesn't work in harsher parts of the world.) It's usually post-facto and rarely recovers funds from those harmed.
2. Yell at people to be smarter. Your speech isn't funded as well as the scammers, and your pitch isn't as compelling, you often bring awareness to the scam and thus victims for free.
3. Out-compete the scams for money by marketing to their would-be victims things that aren't scams. Maybe that's an index fund, maybe it's a business opportunity, that can scale, and work everywhere.
The only scalable solution to the scamming problem is similar marketing tactics for honest projects. Starve the scams of resources.

What is the use case of HEX?

Where does the value come from?
Where does the interest come from?
Is paypal valuable? Swiss bank accounts? 24 hour banking? 24 hour lending? Generating yield? Lower fees, no credit card fee rent seeking on entire economy. HEX is a store of value.
Did you know that HEX value is virtually lent to all unlocked coins when coins are staked (burnt)? Even in normal bank CDs, your money is not lent out, it goes on the liability, not asset, side of the balance sheet. They only use your money as an excuse to borrow cheap from the FED. Unlocked coins pay for that value borrowed by being diluted through receiving no inflation like staked coins do.

Where does HEX demand come from?

There will always be a top 20 as long as there's 20 coins of value. Whichever you thought don't belong here, those are your investment blind spots. They went from nowhere to the top, making lots of people rich along the way. This is the difference between your desires and the market's.
It's hard to believe that the market wants things you don't. Really hard. There's a few coins on this list that I really do not like, however, I've had to learn humility and respect the market. The market will not change no matter how hard you yell, I tried.
The lesson is, if you're in crypto to get rich or richer, you must respect these $500M to $1B marketcap coins that came from NOWHERE. For they showed the highest ROI in the shortest time. If you don't know how they did that, you don't know how the next one will. Know thyself.
HEX does everything better than Bitcoin does except liquidity and the 800 (yep, in 10 years, just 800) websites that accept it. An efficient market should value a better thing over a worse thing as time passes. See how they compare here. HEX has no demand.

Is HEX ownership too centralized?

Bezos dumped on everyone's head, only owns 11% now. Lol j/k.
How many funds are run by one guy? Countries? Teams? Companies? How's that worked out?
Why doesn't Elon Musk dump his 20% of TSLA shares on the market? Understand that whales in anything have larger incentives to see their companies/projects do well, because they have more skin in the game.
Some inferior crypto founders have publicly dumped their entire holdings on the heads of their users, and the coins still exist. Some are doing well.
The origin address in HEX has been audited and found to have only ever acted in the best interest of HEX.
Check out the HEX origin address audit here.
Did you know that 40% of all #Bitcoin is controlled by less than 2000 people? That's .01% of addresses. HEX gives you a chance to be a whale by penalizing the old whales.

Is HEX all wash trading?

HEX is primarily traded on Uniswap where all trades are publicly viewable.
HEX has a transparent trading environment by being on decentralized exchanges.
HEX has more transparent trading than most coins which are traded on untrustworthy centralized exchanges. Go look for yourself.

Does HEX have enough liquidity?

Is HEX Ethical?

All investing and speculating boils down to you put some money in and wait, and you expect more out later. DeFi is mostly people trading and losing their money to exchanges and market makers. Trading is bad for your health and the majority of people lose vs holding USD. They lose even harder against just holding cryptocurrencies with product market fit. Trading is bad and most defi and ranking sites and ads are for trading. Imagine if we all just bought one amazing thing instead, imagine how high that price would go.

Does HEX have enough volume?

The best opportunity to buy BTC was when it's volume was the lowest.

Volume pays the exchange and marketmaker. It costs the trader. More volume means more traders losing money hoping to make it back by shifting the loss to some other trader, or the mm in a trending market. Volume doesn't fill your orders. Volume doesn't give you ROI. #BTC

Is the HEX marketcap too high?

Marketcap is a vanity metric you can't make money on.

HEX has no roadmap or partnerships

No. No building of people working means no overhead and selling down the price to pay for it.

Everyone that goes full time crypto becomes a net seller instead of a net buyer.

HEX is a completed product unlike 99% of crypto. Everything built around HEX in the future is just a bonus. HEX abandoned the need for a roadmap when it launched fully complete.

Is Cryptocurrency a scam?

There's so many efficiencies that crypto introduces that are obvious benefits to humanity - increases in efficiency, removal of counter party risk, removal of middle-men. People need to keep installing wallets.. and that is where we are heading. We are heading to a world where everybody is going to own a piece of crypto.. and it could change man's relationship to government. It could change man's relationship to savings. It could change how people think about their futures. Most humans do not save for their future. In hex, almost everyone participating saves for their future. And it makes these people healthy and happier people and that's a big deal.

Imagine how many fewer wars there will be when the people must be asked to pay a war tax, instead of having their savings robbed through money printing. The people will vote no. Cryptocurrency can save lives.

Near the entire economy paying a % rent to these couple companies is unfair. Cryptocurrency can remove these middlemen, however, they're missing some important features. 1. Dispute resolution. 2. Recurring billing. When you see how expensive it is to do #1, credit cards start to look like a wonderful deal.

Someone is going to say: Micropayments (it's never worked.) Pre-auth'd lower amounts retailers can pull from you (might work.) Crypto-escrow (Any place that used to do it has gone out of business I believe.) Too volatile: we have Peer-to-Peer stable coins, or "trusted" stable coins protected by laws instead of code address this.

Thus, peer to peer open source value transfer is the minimum amount of middlemen possible, but is crippled by regulatory overhead at the end points, giving the incumbents entrenched advantage.

Delayed Gratification

Thanks to HEX and its staking, Richard has taught many men and women to delay gratification and have something to look forward to in the future. HEX promotes mental health.

Appeal to popularity/authority

Mark Cuban, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Chamath Palihapitiya, Paul Tudor Jones, Stan Drunkenmiller, the Winklevoss twins. The Who’s who of Wall Street and Silicon Valley all own crypto.

Are all Hexicans just bots?

The HEX community is so strong that the amount of organic engagement that HEX posts get on Twitter and elsewhere is far greater than some expect.