What does the HEX in HEX stand for?

1. Open Source
2. Trustless
3. Store of Value
4. Censorship Resistant
5. Permissionless
6. Immutable

Can I buy coins to stake?

Yes. Take a look at this.

Can I have multiple stakes?


When do I get paid the interest?

When you end the stake.

Isn't staking for 1 year 5 times just as good as 5 years 1 time?

No. If you stake 5 years once, you get about ~100% bonus shares, which means getting paid about 2x as much. If you stake 1 year 5 times, you only get ~20% bonus shares.

Do I make 3.69% interest?

No. The Stakers pool gets paid interest. You get paid shares of the stakers pool. This means that if only 1% of coins are staked the average payout to stakers is 369%. If 2% then 184.5%. If 3% then 123%.

Can I have multiple stakes in one address?


What is the maximum number stakes per HEX address?

There is no limit to how many stakes you can have per address.

What is the difference between End stake and Good accounting?

End Stake can only be run by the Staker and pays him his coins due. Good accounting just pulls expired stake shares from the stakers share pool, it does not pay the staker any coins due.

Can I modify my stake?


Can I add to my original stake?

No, you must start a new stake.

Can I increase the length of a stake before it expires?


What do I need to do after my stake ends?

Run the end stake function or good accounting function. You'll need to pay a gas fee in ETH (currently pennies) and make sure your transaction hits the blockchain.

Can I restake after the stake is over?


Can I end my stake early?

Yes, it's called an Emergency End Stake and it has a fee equal to the payout of half the days you committed to. The minimum penalty is 90 days. This can hit your principal.

Minimum and maximum stake/hold?

1 day is the minimum stake 5,555 days is the maximum.

How large is the CD market?

As of the Jan. 7, 2019 In the USA alone, counting only cd's under $100,000 there's $571.1 Billion USD: Stat


Improvements to the ETH network that HEX unitilizes are open source. HEX's source code is open to view and verify. It's been audited for security multiple times. It is all rights reserved and not licensed for copying.

Can HEX be used with Raiden, or plasma, or state channels on ETH?

Yes, anything that supports ERC-20 will support HEX.

Can HEX be used as day to day currency?

Yes, and it's super easy too. Since it uses the popular ERC-20 standard, all tools that support ERC-20 tokens will support HEX.

What happens if I lose my private key?

You lose access to all your HEX. Do not lose your seed words. Repeat. DO NOT LOSE YOUR SEED WORDS.

Contract breaks?

An airdrop to a new, fixed, contract from holders of the old contract before the error can be done.

Ethereum price drops so low miners don't want to mine anymore?

They can accept payment of fees in HEX instead of ETH.

Is HEX quantum computing resistant?

No cryptocurrency is yet. It could be the case that quantum computing never becomes a problem.

How safe are ERC-20 contracts?

Safe enough to have launched several Billion dollar projects with no problems. The ERC-20 contract we use has been audited by security professionals.

What is HEX's long term goal?

Replace gold as a store of value (7.7 Trillion USD). Replace credit card companies and payment companies like PayPal (around $770 billion in Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal alone) Replace legacy certificates for deposit ($571 Billion in the USA alone on just those under $100,000) Replace middlemen with trustless interest.

Where does HEX get its value?

Through progress in replacing Gold as a store of value, Mastercard, Visa and Paypal as payment networks, and CD's as time deposits. The market has decided that crypto currencies are worth hundreds of billions of dollars over many years of price discovery.

Is this a scam?

No. The project is founded by respected members of the community. It is open source. The base ERC-20 contracts have been audited, the modified ERC-20 contracts will be audited. You run the code yourself. It is fairly launched, and free to claim for Bitcoin holders. You might need to pay pennies to the ETH network to pay to run your claim and attach it to the blockchain. Someone else might pay that fee for you as well.

Is this a Ponzi?

No. Ponzis make promises they can't keep and collapse. In HEX you pay yourself your own rewards.

Is this a pyramid scheme?

No. There's not even a referral program.

Is this an ICO?


Is this a security?

No. There is no money paid to a common pool with the expectation of profit from the work of others.

Why didn't you do this on XYZ other blockchain?

Because the chain we chose has the best auditors available, the best bug bounty program, the best development ecosystem, the longest track record, the highest market cap, the most developers of any suitable system.

Greater fools?

When you accept a dollar for payment, you hope that when you go to spend it, it's accepted. It's likely it will be. You might not understand why cryptocurrency prices go up so much year after year, it's ok, the market doesn't need you to understand. The market has decided crypto currencies are worth billions of dollars through years of price discovery.


No idea.

Do I have to pay the Ethereum gas charge?

Yes. Each HEX operation is an Ethereum transaction and will require a gas fee to be paid. Though some functions, such as claiming allow anyone to pay your gas fee if they want.

Can we stake other things in HEX that aren't HEX?


Do/can I need to contribute anything?

No. You might need to pay a small fee to run your transaction on the network.

What's a funny site I can send people to?

satoshisVision.com, it forwards to hexinfotraders.com